Tony Blair Please Go Away!

Basic Bitch Of The Week

To start with this weeks basic bitch, I throw out a question. Why won’t Tony Blair go away? Despite ending his time in political office as Prime Minister in 2007, the man refuses to exit the public arena. Amidst the political turmoil in Iraq, in which the Sunni al-Qaeda breakaway group Isis have taken control of many cities and towns Blair has yet again come out of the woodwork. This time in his renewed attempts to convince people intervention is still a good idea and the current crisis has no link to the invasion of the country in question. Outlined on his website through a lengthy essay titled ‘Iraq, Syria and the Middle East’. To start with I have to say, it really doesn’t take a genius to see the correlation between the invasion and occupation of Iraq and growth of fundamentalism. Perhaps decisions taken, such as the disbandment of…

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Tony Bliar – Part 2

Basic Bitch Of The Week

-Started a massive fucking war (based on a lie) which killed over a million people and decimated a country.

-Won’t fuck off quietly.

-Ironically is UN Middle peace envoy.

-He’s a war criminal.

-Perverts the court of justice…by refusing to release his correspondence with Bush.

-Claimed God told him to go to war.

-Has  a highly punchable face.

-Kinda looks like a demon.

-Is friends with George W Bush.

-Was quite a good leader up until the Iraq war.

FINAL VERDICT: So Basic Even God Ignored Him

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BRUTAL ‘RELIGION OF PEACE’ VIDEO: We Will Conquer All Until You Believe In Allah Alone

What Did You Say?

WARNING: Several parts are too graphic to watch, but this is essential to understand what we’re up against. No one is safe. THIS is what Islam is about. Are there Muslims who do not believe in killing infidels? Yes, but they are not following the Quran, and they too will be slaughtered by these murdering Muslims.

We need to take the fight to these Muslim animals before they get a chance to behead every innocent American they get their hands on. This clash of civilizations is the modern-day WW III. Like our grandfathers fought the Germans and Japanese, we need to fight radical Muslims in every part of the world. If we don’t, we will suffer at their hands.

WAKE UP AMERICA and get your head out of the sand. We need to win an epic battle against Islamists.


Wake up America
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