How Is That Not Terrorism? (Part 1)



Terrorism, according to, is the use of violence and threat to intimidate or coerce, especially for political reasons. Isn’t dictatorship the same thing? Don’t totalitarian regimes use misleading propagandas and force to beat down the opposition and achieve their selfish political goals? Yes, they are the same concept embodied and applied differently. Yes, dictators like Mubarak and Hitler are also terrorists. However, as you read this, it’s sort of hard to swallow that government officials can be called “terrorists”. Here’s a simple truth: just because those people are not affiliated with religious motivation or extremism doesn’t mean they’re not terrorists. The first things you would think when you read or hear the word “terrorism” are AL-QAEDA, 9/11, and Osama Bin Laden. The media has definitely done a good job in making it difficult for you to associate terrorism with dictatorship. It sounds like a weird combination, but trust me…

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