Islam, Christianity and Politics Today (And a Mysteriously Disappearing Airplane)


Islam Sir Winston Churchill compared Muslims to rabid dogs, with an implicit apology to the dogs. As this is written, an airliner has mysteriously vanished from the sky without explanation in southeast Asia; the worldwide Islamic jihad naturally jumps into mind. It may no fit as more is learned of the event, but it is everyone’s first supposition.

Islam is the only major religion that offers conversion or death today. It has done so since the seventh century and continues to offer that choice today in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and wherever else it can. It is the only significant religion that proselytizes with corpses and still punishes its adherents with eye-gouging, amputation of hands, whipping and stoning people to death. Its more fundamentalist purveyors disapprove of any but religious education generally and of any education at all for girls and readily demonstrate that by murdering students and teachers.


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