UK in 2014: Muslim gets doctor to carry out female genital mutilation on a woman in a London hospital – fully funded by the Government

The Muslim Issue

Tony Blair introduced and filled Britain with Muslims and terrorism. Blair is personally responsible for allowing millions of Muslims into Britain during his political tenure. Millions of immigrants into the UK never even had background checks. Tony Blair has become the most hated man in British politics.

For years primitive Muslim savages who have been allowed to reside in Europe have traveled as medical tourists to the UK to comply with African sharia genital mutilation on children and women so that they can never have sexual sensations. To give you an idea how truly sick British society is today, in 2014 – not 1014, thanks to Muslim mass-immigration:

These savage practices of mutilating children and women have not taken place in some secret back alleys, but have taken place in hospitals, completely to the consent of the British medical system! The Whittington hospital provides government funded NHS services – meaning…

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