Liberals Continue to Ignore Terror Groups ARE “Islamic”

The Universal Spectator

boko haram

I had this discussion yesterday with somebody.

Plain and simple, Boko Haram, al-Q, et al ARE, in fact, the purest forms of “Islam”. They practice what the Koran preaches.

These asshat liberals haven’t a dim clue about how stupid they are saying “these groups do not represent Islam”. When, in cold hard fact, they really do. If not, why then the dust-up out in Hollywood over the Sultan of Brunei’s decision to take that country into full Sharia Law? This. Is. Islam. Damn it! Wake up and smell the blood and charred flesh.

TIME Magazine is the latest apologist for such Islamic behavior and practices regarding the terror group Boko Haram by laying out a ridiculous article: 5 Reasons Boko Haram is Un-Islamic

The fact that the article says these terror groups do not follow the Koran teachings is pure crap. There are multiple books relating to the Koran…

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